Maryland Homeowners' Association, Inc.

A non-profit, all-volunteer, statewide organization protecting the rights of homeowners in condominium associations, homeowner associations and cooperatives. Please note we are the original MHA and not one with a similar name that uses our former web address.   We hope you will find helpful information here and on any other address on the web designed to help homeowners.  We hope at a future time help for Maryland homeowners will be available at one website.

Maryland Homeowners' Association's Mission

The mission of Maryland Homeowners' Association (MHA) is to advance good governance, civil discourse, best practices and informed citizen participation in the organization and administration of condominium associations, homeowner associations and housing cooperatives. MHA is a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer organization committed to the protection of homeowner rights through education and public policy initiatives that promote greater accountability, transparency and communication between the leadership of common ownership communities and their members.

MHA welcomes homeowners interest and participation in our organization through volunteering and assisting us in our endeavors. MHA welcomes like-minded friends who want to enhance and expand our ability to assist other owners in understanding their rights and responsibilities as owners in a common-ownership community. If you can help, attend a MHA meeting and speak to one of the Board Members. Thank you in advance.


Disclaimer: Maryland Homeowners' Association publishes information with the understanding that it is not engaged in rendering legal or other professional services. MHA makes no warranties, express or implied, about the accuracy or completeness of information. Links to other websites are for the convenience of our website visitors. The inclusion of a link is not an endorsement by MHA of the site or its contents.



Montgomery County Common Ownership Community Manual and Resource Guide: This updated (2014) manual is intended to serve as a resource for all common ownership communities in Montgomery County, Maryland and beyond. Read More


Note from MHA: Never withhold either a fine or your condominium fee even if you think the fine is illegal and/or services are not being provided. Read More


See notice of our next meeting in the box to the lower-left. We plan to have public meetings each month. Look for specifics in the aforementioned box. Read More

No August MHA Meeting but we resume on September 7

We are taking a vacation break for August. However, for September, we have a very special event planned. On Saturday, September 7, we will temporarily move our location to the Laurel Public Library, 507 7th Street, Laurel MD 20707. The meeting will begin at 10:30 am. Our speaker will be Karen Straughn, Director of the Mediation Unit in the Maryland Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division. Ms. Straughn’s office, among other things, is responsible for handling disagreements involving homeowners in shared facilities including those disputes between homeowners and associations. Arbitration is used in many of these cases. We believe this meeting will be well worth your interest.

Our October meeting is expected to return to our other location in Laurel, the Laurel Student Center, 312 Marshall Ave., Laurel, MD 20707 in the Conference Room on the first floor just beyond the elevators. Time for that meeting will be 10:00 am to noon or shortly after. We will have more information about this meeting appearing in September.

Our meetings are open to all and we're always hopeful those attending will be interested in becoming members. Annual membership is a modest $25. We will have membership forms at this meeting and payment can be made by check or by credit or debit card using a Samsung smartphone with a Square credit card reader. You can also make payment online at the 'Becoming A Member' web page.