Maryland Homeowners' Association, Inc.

A non-profit, all-volunteer, statewide organization protecting the rights of homeowners in condominium associations, homeowner associations and cooperatives.  The MHA By Laws may be viewed or downloaded HERE

Maryland Homeowners' Association's Mission

The mission of Maryland Homeowners' Association (MHA) is to advance good governance, civil discourse, best practices and informed citizen participation in the organization and administration of condominium associations, homeowner associations and housing cooperatives. MHA is a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer organization committed to the protection of homeowner rights through education and public policy initiatives that promote greater accountability, transparency and communication between the leadership of common ownership communities and their members.

MHA welcomes homeowners interest and participation in our organization through volunteering and assisting us in our endeavors. MHA welcomes like-minded friends who want to enhance and expand our ability to assist other owners in understanding their rights and responsibilities as owners in a common-ownership community. If you can help, attend a MHA meeting and speak to one of the Board Members. Thank you in advance.


Disclaimer: Maryland Homeowners' Association publishes information with the understanding that it is not engaged in rendering legal or other professional services. MHA makes no warranties, express or implied, about the accuracy or completeness of information. Links to other websites are for the convenience of our website visitors. The inclusion of a link is not an endorsement by MHA of the site or its contents.



Montgomery County Common Ownership Community Manual and Resource Guide:

This updated (2014) manual is intended to serve as a resource for all common ownership communities in Montgomery County, Maryland and beyond.

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Note from MHA:

Never withhold either a fine or your condominium fee even if you think the fine is illegal and/or services are not being provided.

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Training Video For Homeowners and Board Members

We encourage you to view this very instructive video by Mark Fine, Director, Montgomery County Commission on Common Ownership Communities, presented at the MHA Meeting on September 5, 2020.
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Next Maryland Homeowners’ Association Meeting will be on March 6, 2021

Our next homeowners meeting will be on Saturday, March 6 at 10:00 am. As we are becoming accustomed, it will be a virtual meeting utilizing Zoom. We have invited two speakers to this meeting. Robin Hilliard comes from a background of managing HOA/condo housing as well as owning properties in managed communities. She will tell us about the necessary function of community management and aspects we perhaps didn't know about the business. A portion of her time will be provided for questions and answers.

Our second guest is Danny Cox, who is knowledgeable about employing solar panels to provide more economical electrical power to HOA owners. Many of us know something about this field due to our being approached by individuals who sell and install these panels. We may still be unsure about the merits of capturing the sun to replace some of the electricity on our bill and the wisdom of undertaking such a purchase and installation. Perhaps we can learn more today or think of questions we didn't previously ask. Of course, this session will also include some time for questions and answers.

We can't forget Maryland Delegate and MHA Vice President Marvin Holmes who will tell us about homeowner-related bills before the 2021 Maryland legislative session. He will also provide information about "Zooming in" with consumer input to legislators about a particular bill. This procedure takes the place of physically travelling to Annapolis, as one had to do in the pre-Covid 19 days.

For this March 6 meeting, if you are a 2021 MHA paid member, you will receive information by email so that you may attend the meeting either by Zoom or telephone. If you're not currently a MHA Member, please consider clicking the membership icon and become a 2021 Member. It costs only $15 for the whole year. Thank you.