MHA Accomplishments

2015: Supported HB 1007 which limits the cost of a resale package to $175 or the actual cost, whichever is lower.
2014: Lobbied successfully for SB 865 giving owners of Cooperatives the same rights as Condominium owners, including a dispute resolution process.
2013: Lobbied successfully for HB 286 and SB 161, identical bills limiting association attorney fees and foreclosures.
2012: Met with Howard County Council regarding the need for a Dispute Resolution Procedure for Howard County.
2011: Lobbied successfully for S.B. 532,Homeowners Association Elections-Enforcement by the Division of Consumer Protection. This MHA-supported law authorizes a lot owner who believes the board of directors has failed to comply with the election provisions of the association’s governing documents to submit the dispute to the Division of Consumer Protection, OAG.
2010: Conceived of and lobbied successfully for the enactment of H.B. 695, Homeowners Association-Annual Budget-Notice, Information and Adoption, which requires that an association’s proposed budget be submitted to all homeowners for comments 30 days before adoption at an open, announced meeting called for that purpose. Condominium associations already have this right.
2009: Awarded an Official Citation from the Maryland General Assembly for “dedication and commitment to protecting the rights of homeowners, leading the cause for beneficial social change, and being a stellar example of Public Service.”
2009: Conceived of and lobbied successfully for the enactment of H.B. 137, the Association Books and Records Act, requiring associations to provide board minutes, financial statements and employee salaries within 21 days of a written request.
2008: Initiated publication of the E-Communicator, the MHA electronic newsletter.
2007: Lobbied successfully for an amendment to theMaryland Homeowners Association Act that provided that violations of this Act fall within the enforcement powers of the Division of Consumer Protection of the Office of the Attorney General.
2006: Presented information and testimony to the2006 Maryland Task Force on Common Ownership Communities.
2005: Created an information resource web site for homeowners
1998: Conceived of the Maryland Homeowner’s Bill of Rights, which was incorporated into the Maryland Condominium Act and the Maryland Homeowners Association Act.
1987: Encouraged Montgomery Country to establish the Commission on Common Ownership Communities.
1983: Initiated publication of the Communicator, a newsletter sent to MHA members, Maryland legislators and every Maryland library.
1982: Persuaded the Montgomery County Council to establish the successful Task Force for condominiums and homeowner associations.
1982-Present: Organizes educational seminars, HOA tutorials and lectures on homeowner rights and responsibilities, answers hundreds of telephone and e-mail inquiries each year from homeowners across the State of Maryland.
1982-Present: Conceives of, encourages and lobbies for legislation on the State, county and local levels that protects the rights of Maryland homeowners.