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MHA and CCOC: Promoting Good Governance in Montgomery County1
By: Rand H. Fishbein, Ph.D.

First Vice-President
Maryland Homeowners’ Association (MHA)

It was just over twenty years ago that the founders of the Maryland Homeowners’ Association and a task force of concerned Montgomery County residents gave birth to an idea that would become the Commission on Common Ownership Communities (CCOC). At the time, few could have imagined that the CCOC quickly would emerge as one of the most important innovations in Maryland jurisprudence since the advent of the District Court system in 1971----------

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By: Jeanne N. Ketley, Ph.D., President

Rand H. Fishbein, Ph.D., First Vice-President
Kamala Edwards, Ph.D., Second Vice-President
Maryland Homeowners’ Association, Inc. (MHA)

To strengthen good governance in your community, MHA recommends that your board put in place a number of best practices designed to provide greater administrative transparency and accountability over daily operations. When such services are contracted via a management company, the Board remains the legal entity that ultimately is held responsible for fiscal mismanagement, such as accounting lapses and/or poor bookkeeping. Board members should be diligent applying best practices. For these practices, clickhere.

Since the publication of the above MHA recommendations, an article has appeared in the November 16, 2012 Washington Post Real Estate Section by Mr. Benny Kass detailing even more steps that should be taken to protect funds. For this article, click here.